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Sima Bagheri & Lisa Axe, CEE;  Eliza Michalopoulou, Math A New Approach to Inverse Modeling for Retrieval of Coastal Water Quality Parameters
Sima Bagheri & Ankur Agrawal, CEE Impact of Global Change in Coastal Water Quality- A Remote Sensing Approach
Lisa Axe & Bin Wang, CEE Absorption Coefficients of Particles and Colored Dissolved Organic Matter at New York/New JerseyHarbor Estuary
Liping Wei, ChemES Antimicrobial Effect of Solubilized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Yuhong Chen, ChemES Carbon nanotube-zirconium dioxide hybrid for defluoridation of water
Seon Lee, ChemES Gate controlled Negative Differential Resistance and Photoconductivity Enhancement in Carbon Nanotube Intraconnects
Tara Alvarez, BME Neuroplasticity in Vision Dysfunction
Yelda Alkan, BME Independent Components of Oculomotor Learning
Eun Kim, BME ICADecomposition of Vergence Dynamics in Convergence Insufficiency Patients
Camelia Prodan, Physics & Edgardo Farinas, ChemES Mark Shaker & Layla Jaludi Noninvasive bio-sensors for pharmaceutical, bio-defense and protein engineering
Camelia Prodan, Andrew Hill, Biology Kyle Dobiszewski, Karim Maasarani, Mark Shaker & Mohammad Najib Dielectric Spectroscopy Characterization of Brain Trauma in a Mouse Model
Edgardo Farinas & Nirumpama Gupta Directed Evolution of Laccase: Controlling Substrate Specificity
Hongye Ge & Xiaoli Wang, ECE Statistical Hypothesis Testing & Variance Analysis for Radio Frequency Interference Identification in Solar Data
Mingzheng Cao, ECE I/Q Imbalance Mitigation for Time-Reversal STBC Communication Systems Over Frequency-Selective Fading Channels
Tao Wu, CS A Molecular Dynamic Modeling of Hemoglobin-Hemoglobin Interactions
Laramie Potts, Engineering Technology Short wavelength GPS-TEC gradients of the Northern Hemisphere Ionospheric Trough
Marvin Nakayama, CS A Markovian Dependability Model With Cascading Failures
Katia Passerini & P. Benjamin Chou, SOM Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Sharing Dilemma across Countries: A Game Theory Perspective
Ye Yang, Math Reduced Order Models for Acoustoelastic Fluid-Structure Interaction Systems
Sunil Dhar, Math Modeling with Bivariate Geometric Distributions
Nancy Coppola, Hum Establishing a Body of Knowledge for Technical Communication
Carol Johnson, Hum Technical Writing in Action: the Case of Lukens Steel
Rachel Liu, CEE Development of Performance Measures of Automated People Movers (APM) Systems at Airports
Maria Plummer; Starr Roxanne Hiltz, IS; Nancy Steffen-Fluhr, Hum, & Roberto A. Muņoz Rosario Promoting Collaboration: Measuring Sense of Community in Academia
Nancy Steffen-Fluhr; Jide Osatuyi, IS & Maria Plummer Advancing Women at NJIT through Research Network Mapping.
Video Feature: Katia Passerini

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